Our FTP service is available to all of our customers
to upload their job files.

Attention all customers.

When uploading files to our general FTP site, please follow these instructions:

1. Create a folder with your company name.

2. Package your files into either a zip(pc) or stuffit(mac) file. (ignore if you are uploading a PDF document.

3. IF you are uploading multiple print jobs, please package the files into a zip/stuffit file for each print job.

4. After you have successfully uploaded your file(s), please send a courtesy note to:
Derksen Printers FTP Upload
to identify yourself and the files you have uploaded.

5. If you will be uploading on a regular basis, please enquire about getting your own FTP upload account (with its own username, password, and permissions).

Thank you.

Jason Funk - Prepress Mgr.

Note: The upload folder is upload only - NO downloads.

If you require more information or have any questions regarding this service
Please call (204) 326-3421 or
email us requesting particulars.

Sustainable Printing - We use recycled papers and environmentally friendly inks to reducing printable waste and to recycle where ever possible. We continue to educate our staff, suppliers and customers about our commitment to the environment and promote awareness and accountability on environmental issues. Paper products are highly recyclable, and toward this end we recycle all of our paper waste, and purchase recycled paper wherever possible.

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